this picture should have more then the amounts of notes it has, this shows us that not ever thing is “picture perfect” and that behind that smile and those eyes there is fear . So i beg you to please reblog this instead of a pair of shoes, someone smoking a blunt, and clothes … because this picture is literally worth 1,000 words 

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The end of an era…

For anyone that follows me on Twitter, or has any interest in the design/development area has probably heard of a pretty swell site called Forrst.

For those of you that don’t know, I loved Forrst. The direction that it was heading was brilliant, the users on it were equally great, and the feedback that I got & provided really sparked some thoughts over what you were doing etc.

Overall, the community helped me get to know some awesome people. People that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, in the present - and as of earlier today, in the future (I hope).

One thing that was key in Forrst’s success, I think was that it was a simple, invite only community. The people wanting to get in had to have some skills, and some demonstration of them to show these skills off.

For the intuitive amongst you, you’ll probably realise that a lot of this post up till now has been in the past tense. Yes, unfortunately, Forrst is no longer what it used to be, and I feel that now it has tipped over the edge.

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Tag vs Element

An element is not a tag, and a tag is not an element. 

The Difference?

In most cases, an element is made up by an opening, and closing tag. For example, below we have a div tag:


Below, we have a fully created div element:


Now, that’s pretty straightforward, but as I’m guessing you’re thinking - there are some things which have no closing tag such as break, image or horizontal rule. 

In the times of XHTML (which is still kicking around), these would self close, by placing a forward slash before the last right angle bracket.

These would still be referred to as elements instead of tags

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Am I Done?

I ask myself this question many times a week. Frequently I answer with a resounding YES! but then, after a few minutes, I change tact and decide to continue along the road that I’m currently set on.

I have many qualities about me, or so I’m told. Many revolving around how nice I am, how I help people etc. But I also have some severe downfalls, mainly my motivation, and laziness.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always motivated on new things. I worked like a bitch to get Owlr out and released with Dan in a month. But then it stopped, I got it released, and wanted to move on to the next thing. My motivation, my passion, had vanished - but why? 

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This is a whole shade of awesome. To be taken on as a staff member on @Forrst! 

This is a whole shade of awesome. To be taken on as a staff member on @Forrst! 

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Things I’d quite like to do in 2012 …

  • Visit Canada - this is pretty much a dead certain for Christmas 2012!
  • Meet & have a pint with the awesome Dan Eden (+ any other awesome folk who are around the UK!)
  • Learn 2 new programming languages
  • Develop, and release a new idea that I’m toying with. 
  • Attend UX London
  • Start a company - [just need the people!]
  • Sleep less
  • Eat healthier
  • Do something about my lack of exercise
  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Remove myself from all debt, credit cards + overdraft!
  • Have a good year!

Yes, I stole the idea from Dan, deal with it.

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Homosexuality is a sin &#8230; well, so what? I think religion is stupid &#8230; This explains it better than I ever could!

Homosexuality is a sin … well, so what? I think religion is stupid … This explains it better than I ever could!

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Baby, I was born this way!

A song about how it doesn’t actually matter who or what you are, how it doesn’t matter what the hell you look like, whether you’re black, white, gay, straight or a potato.

Listen to the words, and realise just how powerful they are - how the song, and many other similar songs are true.

The thing is the world isn’t like that, well for some people.

I don’t want this to turn into a rant, or debate or anything about how you shouldn’t be homophobic, racist or whatever - I think that’s pretty obvious. However, I would like to share a few things: 

1. People are born that way. They have no choice who or what they like, or anything like that.
2. Bullying is not cool, it’s not big, and it makes you a dick.
3. Coming to terms with something is enough pain that someone needs without you adding to the hatred that they might have for themselves.

Finally, the point of this post. I have had this video in my bookmarks for quite a while, and one that I watch every now and then, I urge you to watch it & share it. Get over yourself, take a minute out of your day to think about how other people, like myself, feel when idiots, dicks, twats, whatever, like to single them out for who they are. 

Without family & friends, we are nothing. Thanks to all my family & friends for everything! 

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What is Christmas?

Christmas is of course, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. However, as an atheist, I have never fully understood why we celebrate it. 

As an atheist, I don’t believe that a god exists - and therefore I personally don’t believe in the teachings or contents of the bible. Christmas is an event that comes about from the Bible.

 At this point, many people call me a humbug, a loser or other such words - however, bare with me.

I don’t personally know anyone that celebrates Christmas for what it is, I don’t think many people stop & think about Jesus, the fact that he 'died for our sins' or anything else with religious notions.

So ‘What is Christmas?’

To me, it’s a time to get together with family, and friends that you might not have seen for the year. The sharing of presents, and excessive eating are irrelevant, I share presents as it is - to a degree - expected. The excessive eating is something I do … because the food is mostly free!

I hate over commercialisation - it really annoys me. Hallowe’en, Easter, Valentines Day, Bonfire Night and Christmas, we don’t seem to have a break from any big event. As soon as Christmas is over, Valentines day paraphernalia will pop-up in shops!

I’m always up for fun, but why, why, why, when people are complaining that they have no money do they go out and spend £60 on a tree, and a large amount on decorations for the tree?

I love you all

I’m not a humbug, I’m not one that hates Christmas, I don’t dislike you for liking Christmas. I have my own thoughts about what Christmas should be, I personally don’t want a tree shoved up in my house.

Christmas has lost its religious connotations in my mind - don’t get me started on the political correctness that revolves around the new term “Season’s Greetings” and other such names.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas [however you celebrate it], stay safe!

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Unless you are living in a cardboard box, you’ve probably heard that Twitter has redesigned its site, making it look a slight shade more awesome. Introducing improved customisation for brands, and some other UI changes. It’s different, interesting but in my opinion unfinished. 

In this post, I’m going to explore some of the minor issues that bug me - either deprecated features, or silly little things that shouldn’t have been released.

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